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May 14, 2020
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Citizen Watches, Always An Innovator And More Popular Than Ever

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The measurement of time has been a consideration since the beginning of time itself. Its importance is not just confined to man but animals and even insects. Birds watch to know when its time to migrate to warmer areas, caterpillars undergo changes inside their cocoons while waiting for the time to emerge. Ants scurry about in the spring and summer, busily gathering and storing provisions to stave off hunger during the winter months and bears eat as much as they can before going into hibernation and sleeping until the spring arrives.

From the earliest beginnings of man, time has also been an important consideration. It started by watching the sun and the lengthening of shadows in order to calculate when night was about to fall. Watching the days grow shorter harkened the beginning of winter and the need to don animal skins to keep warm. Eventually the sundial was invented to make it a bit easier. Never satisfied, man came up with mechanical timepieces to further be able to break down hours into minutes and then into seconds. These timepieces were named watches.

One can only assume that the word watch is symbolic of how important it has become to watch the time. There are so many things to do in one day that it's important to be able to create an effective schedule that only time management will be able to achieve.

As watches have become more popular, the fashion industry has hopped on the timekeeping bandwagon and decided that if one is to wear a watch it should be in line with current fashion trends or be classic enough to pass down through generations without the latest wearer having to worry about it being out of style. Now, instead of just a timepiece with a plain band, you can get watches that are studded in diamonds, rubies or other types of jewels or bands made of metal, leather and even plastic.

Citizen's watches have been one of the leaders in the timepiece industries, creating fashionable watches with ever evolving mechanical accuracy. Established in 1924, they have continued to come up with ways to make watches even more effective, yet stylish enough to attract those with even the most discriminating tastes.

They were the first to create thin watches which were preferable to the large bulky ones, they then made shock resistant watches which lessened the need for watches to be constantly repairs. Their most recent achievement is the analog quartz watch which gathers its energy from the sun which makes it environmentally friendly. It is also cost effective because the need to replace the battery has been eradicated.

For 80 years, Citizens watches have graced the wrist of many men and women. They have constantly found a way to revolutionize the watch industry and will probably continue to do so for years to come.


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