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August 3, 2020
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Design A Wall Of Picture Memories

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If you are similar to many families you are likely to have hundreds of pictures all over your house, stored away in compartments, boxes, and photo books. Even if you have got your photos safely stashed, you probably do not look at them and appreciate them as much as you really should. Rather than keeping these great pictures where you cannot see them, why don't you use them to create a wall of photograph memories in your home? If you have always admired photo memory walls in the houses of others, here are a few tips you will be able to use to set up one of your own.

Deciding on the Correct Wall

Selecting the perfect wall to display your photos in the greatest way possible is a crucial part of the process. In most cases, you will want to choose a wall that is big enough to provide plenty of photo display space. Picking a prominent spot can be a great way to make certain that your photos will be seen as much as they really should. A family room wall, hallway wall, or even a living room wall can all be great locations. Try to steer clear of walls that get a great deal of sunlight, as this might cause your pictures to fade.

Choosing Your Photographs

Because families usually have such big photo collections, it can sometimes be challenging to choose the photos they wish to put on display. If you want to find good photos for your wall, you may want to begin with a look through your family albums as well as the school picture frames around your house. Also, even if some of your pictures already are in frames, you might want to think of including them in your wall. Since of course, if you like a photo enough that you've already framed it then you will certainly want to add it to your wall. If any of the photos you select are delicate or old-fashioned, you might want to scan and print copies of them to display on the wall. Of course, you certainly would not want an irreplaceable original to get damaged.

Selecting Your Picture Frames

Choosing just the right picture frame to display your photos to their greatest advantage is also an essential part of the process. If you favor a more formal theme, choosing frames that complement each other or have visual similarities may work well. On the other hand, if you would like something that appears more casual and exciting, you can certainly use any frames which you find pleasing.

Making the Wall Arrangement

Sometimes it is hard to decide on the best wall design. Try planning your arrangement on the floor before you put holes in the wall that you don't need to. Just use masking tape or painters tape to mark off a portion of the flooring to the basic dimensions of the wall. Then you may move around the pictures in this space until you determine an arrangement that is just right. Or you may making the job even simpler by measuring out some wrapping paper and then taping it together to make the same dimensions and shape as the wall. Organize the pictures on the paper, tracing around the frames with a pencil. You may then simply tape the wrapping paper on the wall to use as a guide. Then tap the nails directly through the paper, and into the wall. Then, just remove the paper so that you can hang the photos in the correct positions on the very first try.

So now you have nothing to keep you from beginning your perfect wall photo layout right now!


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